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FAQ - Paul McGrady Entertainment


Have you ever been to my wedding reception site?


It’s more than likely. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Can friends or family be the MC?

It is YOUR wedding, and you can do that if you want. For us to give your guest the best repetitions of their lives, we would love to speak to the person you have in mind, so things go smoothly for everyone.

Should we feed the DJ at our wedding.

We love that idea! It is customary to serve food to your DJ. We are happy to eat in our DJ booth or we can sit with guests or a vendor table.

Do you have all the music we want?

If we don’t have it, and it is on Amazon or iTunes we will get it!

We can cater to your specific musical tastes. Some people want specific cultural music and we love to have the exact songs your request. We are the experts on preparing and planning to make your wedding reception the best you can ever imagine. Let us know the music and the vibe you would like and we will do everything we can to have every song you like.

Can the DJ provide wedding ceremony music?

We would love to. There will be an extra charge to have us arrive at your venue, and set up a second sound system. We have experience with equipment and will have a mic for the officiant.

On your wedding day, we will connect with the officiant to keep the wedding running smoothly.

My mother is taking over! What can I do?

Sometimes the bride’s mother or in-laws think they should be in charge of your ceremony. The best solution is to talk in advance about your expectations of everyone involved. You can solve it with what we call a positive sandwich. Here is how the scripts goes.

  1. I appreciate your input and everything you have done for me.
  2. And it is really important that my husband and I make the final decisions. This is really important to us.
  3. I would love for you to be in charge of XYZ after I decide on the details. Thank you for your support!

This is a good script that will make her feel included and appreciated and you will keep your boundaries as well.

Can we make sure you don't play specific songs

That is a big YES! Just let us know what you want played and what you do not want to be played.

Nobody is dancing, what can you do?

If certain songs don’t get the crowd moving we will switch change it up to create a different vibe. We love to keep the party going all night long! Paul McGrady Entertainment has years of experience and knows exactly what to do. We can also take special requests for your guest’s favorite songs.

Are you the DJ and the MC?

YES! We coordinate the evening’s events and will play your favorite wedding songs and serve as your Master of Ceremonies as well. This will leave you free to not worry about when the cake is going to be cut or have the bride and father dance.

Our professionalism will shine for you that day. We will make sure we can pronounce everyone’s name in advance, and we understand a bride’s boundaries and will never upstage you or your party. We are here for you.

Can we have a specific playlist

If that is what you really want. We want to play what you want to hear. Some couples have specific requests of their favorite songs with an extensive list, and others want us to pick out the music or something in between. You are in charge of all of the songs if that is what you prefer.

Does the DJ take any breaks.

We will play continuously throughout your reception. The music will never stop!

Do you have cultural music?

We have worked with a variety of clients from different cultures and backgrounds. It is our job to play the styles you love. Please let us know more about your traditions and styles.

Can you provide a screen for videos?

Paul McGrady Entertainment is a pro at audio engineering, Master of Ceremonies, and music. We are happy to hook up your slideshow to our sound system and speakers for amazing sound for your presentation. However, we do not supply projectors and screens. The wedding videographer is your best expert for the job.

Does Paul McGrady Entertianment supply wedding uplighting

You betcha! Uplighting is a great way to decorate and add pizzaz to your reception. You can check out more about uplighting here. 

Do you have dance floor lights?

Yes we do. the lighting we provide for your dance floor is classy and fun. It is an invitation for your guest to shake their booty!

Do you charge for requested songs you have to buy?

No way!

Do you charge for DJ overtime?

It is $100 per hour.

Is tipping expected?

It is not mandatory, but as with all service industries, a tip is much appreciated. Most wedding parties tip between 8-15% or around $100.

How can I pay for my event?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check, and cash. You can call us at 724-557-9472 to arrange payment.

When can we talk the the DJ?

You can connect with Paul anytime before your date. We will discuss the timeline, pronunciation, reception, must-have songs. It’s a good idea to connect close to the date so everything is fresh.

Can you provide music or audio for my wedding as well?

We can provide music for cocktail hours and if it is in a different room and additional sound system is required there is a small setup fee. DJ Paul is full of suggestions for fit your wedding.


Should we seat vendors with the guests?

It’s a great idea to keep them close in case something spontaneous happens and you need their help.

When do we cut the cake?

the cake cutting tradition is usually done after the grand entrance before the wedding party toasts. This gives the staff plenty of time to cut the cake and prepare it during the dinner service.

When is our payment due?

Final payment is due the day of the event, and feel free to pay in advance.


What happens if the DJ gets sick.

DJ Paul has NEVER missed an event in 30+ years! And in case of an emergency, there is a backup plan in place.

Should we give the DJ drinks?

Water and soda are great, but alcohol? Never! Paul never drinks on the job.

Should we feed the service staff?

Customarily the service providers such as the DJ and videographer and wedding coordinator are served food at the same time as the guests.

What does the DJ wear?

A tuxedo, of course! If you would prefer something else, just let us know.

Are you insured?

We do have insurance that covers us at your event. Our comprehensive insurance plan covers you, your guests, the DJ, and any equipment.