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I am SO excited for this new addition.

In the short time since I moved here from the Pittsburgh area, I've seen a lot of great bands and solo musicians. As you well know, the vast majority of solo musicians are acoustic players. Great music and singing but there is a limitation in that an acoustic can only be very slightly altered to change it's sound. My keyboards have over 600 voices. What's that mean? It makes all the music I play sound more like the way you're used to hearing it, and that gets the crowd even more involved, just the way a band does; it actually sounds like the music the way they hear it on the radio, and a lot of times sing along!

In addition to being one of the most interactive DJ entertainers around, I majored in music in college with a background in keyboards, saxophone,and voice. This winter, I decided to bring that back and am adding live performance to my offerings. With keyboard/synth and keytar,  no one else plays a wider selection. That means a wider selection of music styles! Soon, and depending on the venues, I'll be adding the horns of trumpet, trombone, mellophonium, clarinet, saxophone, flute.

Available now and only at the beach location, I' able to offer a great unique combination only I can offer thanks to all of my years in DJ entertainment: a great playlist coupled with my own unique crowd interaction to engage the crowd and not just end up as "background music". And with sound systems ranging from rooms of 50 to 400, I keep the crowd into the music.

So from Happy Hour early sets, to rockin' the the crowd late into the night, and with the best music of today back through oldies, rock, roll, soul, and R&B to what we now call the Great American Song Book, and the music you hear on stage at the Rehoboth Jazz Festival,
with our LIVE! show. We're not background. You'll know you're not listening to an online music list, for sure. You'll know we're here and be partying along.

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